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Need more website traffic, brand awareness, organic visibility or a mixture of them all? We can help you create a buzz around your business, through our Digital PR Services.

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Whether you need reactive PR, Planned PR or a combination, we can help you get featured in top tier publications which can help you to grow your business.

Your business comes first!

No paid links, just simple earned media.

We consistently get our clients featured in top tier publications such as Huffington Post, Business Insider, CNN, The Sun, The Expresss, and many more.

Digital PR Services

Planned Digital PR Campaigns

We create hero campaigns that earn links, build brand awareness and put your business in front of millions of buyers.

Reactive PR Campaigns

We react to the news and put your business forward as experts. This builds credibility in your services and earns you links that increase visibility.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is earning your business coverage and links in the media. Basically, it is earned media. Unlike traditional link building, Digital PR uses data or expert commentary to get your business featured in national and regional press.

  • Are all links DoFollow?

Not all links are going to be DoFollow, we don’t control this aspect, however you will see visibility increases from No-Follow links. We have tested this 1000’s of times.

  • Are all links earned?

Yes all of our coverage is earned, you don’t pay any additional services when you hire us. This is a true digital PR service which puts your business in front of millions.

  • How much is your service?

Our Service starts at £6500. For this we guarantee 12 media mentions and links per month. We do require a 3-month commitment too. Digital PR isn’t a one time deal if you want good results.

Why hire us?

Campaigns that go viral

We regularly create campaigns that earn 100’s of backlinks for our clients. Fed up of boring? Hire us.

Guaranteed Coverage

We have been doing PR for many years, we guarantee coverage for all of our clients.

Be involved as you like

Be involved or sit back and let us do our thing. Our PR services earn links that improve your websites visibility.

Earn links your competitors can’t

Backlinks are important, earn the ones your competitors can’t to stand out among the competition.

Our team

Meet the team behind our creative campaigns. Note we are only a small agency, so you won’t be passed around between team members.

PR Exec

Digital PR Blog

Learn how we create the campaigns we do and why you should hire us.

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:


Great work from Aimee and her team, within a month I was featured in The Sun, Express, Mirror and many others.


If you want national press coverage, give prbee a shot. They got my business in the Express and The Sun in the first month.


You get what you pay for. PRBee got me great results and my website traffic increased almost immediately.

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